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How to Find Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Working from home is a growing trend that many employers are getting on board with. It’s a great opportunity that allows you to have a flexible schedule and get time back in your life otherwise spent commuting. There are opportunities to work on a contract basis, full time, or ongoing part time. The options are endless and being able to find a legitimate work from home job is easier than ever.

Be Diligent 

With the rise of remote work opportunities and increased demand come an increase in scammy websites that take advantage of people. It is important to be diligent, informed and careful in your search for online work opportunities. Follow the tips below to navigate the world of remote working successfully. 

You absolutely 100% need to be diligent in your approach to applying to positions that are 100% remote. If it seems suspicious, avoid it. While searching for work from home jobs, use only trusted career sites that only work with legitimate companies. While it’s easy and tempting to search a site like Craigslist, the legitimacy of the jobs are highly questionable. In order to identify what ‘work from home’ jobs are real and what ‘work from home’ jobs are fake spend 10 minutes doing the following:

  • research the name of the company by googling the company name and read through results. You will want to see a corporate website, contact information, articles mentioning the company name with a positive tone etc.
  • look for the company on a company review site and read the reviews
  • search LinkedIn for people who currently work there

Never Pay For Work

Do NOT click on links you don’t trust.

Do NOT provide personal information such as a social security number. It is not common practice to ask for social security numbers on a job application in the US. The only time you should offer up your social security number is when completing an I-9 or other government tax form. 

NEVER pay to apply to a job or get an interview. There is absolutely no reason why you would need to give someone your money to get a job. Unless you’re getting into an MLM (which we can talk about later) you should never pay for an application or a job interview. If someone requests credit card information, a wire transfer, bank details, or anything related to money coming out of your own pocket take this as a huge red flag and ignore it. 

Get Social

There are some great resources out there where you can gain insight from real people on real work from home opportunities. Joining a Facebook group, like this one, is a great start. Forums and other online user generated content sites can offer insight into positions and companies you have never considered or heard of before. Try out Reddit, and look into the subs on remote work like ‘beer money’. You will also be provided with community member updates on new opportunities, companies that are actively hiring, small businesses looking for temporary help and more. Joining an online group is also a great way to learn valuable skills that are necessary in becoming a qualified candidate as you’ll be able to ask questions and be a part of the discussion. It’ll give you a chance to get your resume out to sources you haven’t been able to reach before!

Read “Companies Hiring Remote Workers” Articles From Legitimate Sources

Companies that are sponsored and highlighted in these types of lists from credited journalist blogs are great places to consider. Search for terms like “companies hiring remote workers” and read a few articles that provide information on large organizations that have work from home jobs available. Anything from a site like Glassdoor, Inc., Forbes, etc. you can consider a trusted source. 

Where to Look

Here’s the good stuff. As someone who has been in the industry for some time I can offer up some of the legitimate work from home job search sites to start your search. 

Bookmark the following sites to browse for your next real work from home job:


The Penny Hoarder



You can also use the good old aggregate like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, but I find the searching and digging around to be annoying. Start browsing the above mentioned career sites to get started on your search for the perfect work from home job today!

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