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I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile now. Being a corporate recruiter for most major North American markets for the past 10+ years in global organizations, I have gained so much knowledge in the HR, and specifically, recruitment space. I know the ‘tricks’, ‘secrets’ and all about those ‘black holes’ everyone seems to fixate on. I never got a job offer I didn’t earn on my own, never asked to be referred or had an ‘in’. As a recruiter, if I couldn’t get a job on my own, what good was I? I climbed the corporate ladder, I hopped into different industries, I built my skills and knowledge and I saw it all from campus to executive. And there is one thing I can tell you about recruiting: it’s all the same. You would think some major market players would have well oiled recruiting machines, but you’d be surprised. Behind those shiny bells and whistles are a bunch of people trying to figure it out all and trying to be the next big thing in hiring. We all use the same software, we all have the same metrics, we are all after the same people, and we all use the horrifying term “purple squirrel”. That will be the one and only time I use that term. I’ve hated it since day one and always will. It makes recruiters sound like Joey Tribiani’s acting agent, Estelle, an old washed up talent broker with a rolodex and rotary phone. If you’re a recruiter, I beg you, please stop.

Hang around here for a bit to hear some of the great antics and tips I can offer to get your career journey moving a positive direction. If there is anything my career can do to make me feel like I’m making a positive impact in the world, then I better start spreading the knowledge wealth. One would think I’ve earned tons of Karma points by boosting peoples careers, titles and paychecks handing out job offers and giving people their big break. But, for every offer I’ve extended, there was a long line of people who needed to be rejected. I also served time in an HR Employee Relations role and racked up plenty of debt from lay offs and firing at the direction of misled management. So, I’ll let the good karma keep rolling and put out there what I know and hope it helps someone along the way.

Be so good they can’t ignore you. – Steve Martin


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